Please note that these are natural crystals. Therefore, each crystal will have its own unique shape and colour.


  • Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli is a deep, royal blue with gold pyrite specks around the stone. The peaceful, calm presence of lapis brings a lively silence to a meditation room and aids thought process. Known as the “Stone of Communication”  it promotes openness by speaking your truth and eases communication issues and breakdowns. This ultimately strengthens emotional ties and brings harmony to relationships.

How to: Place Lapis Lazuli on your throat while you meditate, and envision yourself speaking your truth with grace while hearing both sides of the conversation.

Affirmation: I will speak my truth with clarity and confidence.


  • Green Aventurine


It is one of the best overall balancing stone for the heart because it acts without creating any turbulence or sudden release. It acts as a general harmonizer which makes it a powerful gem for dissolving negative emotions. Green Aventurine is excellent in boosting feelings of optimism and gratitude. It is also known to attract abundance and good luck.

How to: Close your eyes and sit quietly with the crystal in your hand, place your hand on the heart and take deep, relaxing breaths. 

Affirmation: I am grateful for all I have and who I am.


  • Carnelian


We call it the life of a party. Carnelian is often translucent, showing colours ranging from pale orange to a deep red-orange. Creative and confident, it motivates a rush of vibrancy within the base chakra to stimulate your inner star and rids you of all creative blocks in every area of your life. It also boosts fertility and stimulate sexuality.

How to: Keep one close to you- tumbled stones are perfect to be carried around in your purse or pocket. You may also place your stone over an unfinished creative project to bring inspiration, creativity and motivation.  

Affirmation: My mind is set free.


  • Amethyst


Amethyst is the master healer. It is calming and stabilizing to all areas, particularly the mind. It can be used to reduce restlessness, irritation and worry.

How to: Placing an Amethyst in your office space can help with feelings of tension and to combat negativity. You may also place an Amethyst by your bedside or under your pillow for a good night’s sleep. Always remember to set your intention when using crystals!

Affirmation: I am calm, peaceful and relaxed in my mind, body and soul.


  • Black Agate


Black Agate like all black stones is a grounding and protective crystal. It gives inner strength to help one cope with an extremely busy day and keeps the peace in stressful households.

How to use: You would want to keep this close to you so do keep it in your pants pocket, wallet or bag. You can also meditate with it while holding it in your hand.

Affirmation: Here comes another wave, I will ride it.


Pre-Cleanse Tips

Set an intention

The easiest way to program a stone is to redirect the stone’s energy through strong intention and affirmation. It will be the most effective when your intention matches the quality of the crystal.

Hold the stone in your hands, to the brow or to your heart and project your intention into the centre of the crystal.

“I would like to use you for __________.”

“I would like you to help me _________.”


How To Cleanse 

The 5 crystals that you have in this box can simply be cleansed by holding it under cold running water and leave them to dry naturally. Visualizing the flow of water drawing away all imbalances as you cleanse can speed up the process.

It is better to regularly cleanse the crystals you are working with rather than letting imbalances accumulate over time.


IMPORTANT: Don’t share your crystals, and please do not allow others to touch your crystals once they are attuned to you as every person has a different energy field. However, if someone accidentally touches your crystal, fret not. Just remember to cleanse it and reprogram your crystal again.


  • We do not offer returns or refunds unless the crystals are broken upon arrival.

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